Introduction - Your Success Depends On Information

Do you need to successfully achieve your intended results at the lowest cost, with the highest quality, in the fastest time (i.e., good, fast, and less-expensive success)? 
Do you need all of your organization or group to work from shared knowledge and know each others terms (e.g., ideas, terms, processes, and vocabulary)?
Do you need to find, connect, and organize the information and data around you?
Do you need to make your mass of information content more relevant, accessible, securely-sharable, and useful
Do you need information and situational awareness from your external operating environment as well as your internal operations?
Do you need to immediatly adjust your intentions, plans, and opertions when your situation changes, to get inside the cycle time of the opportunity or threat?
Do you need to reduce operational error, inefficiencies, and mismanagement, and thus the potential waste, abuse, and fraud?
Do you need appropriately transparent controls, accountability, and discipline in your processes?
Do you need to influence the external situations that affect you, and which you cannot control, to your benefit?
Does the world and U.S. National financial market, companies, government, non-profits, volunteers, and citizens need to improve the way they manage their interdependent endeavors?
Does the U.S. President and his team need new capabilities to improve the management of the next U.S. Federal Government's Administration, and the management of those who receive US Government funds, from bailouts, funded programs, contracts, grants, etc.? 

The typical answer to the above questions is "yes".  And there are many management, planning, and improvement approaches and technologies to satisfy some or all of these common needs.
But is there one approach that can be used to simplify and satisfy all of these needs, while simultaneously including, blending, and simplifying all of your other efforts?
The answer again is "YES".  The General Endeavor Management (GEM) approach, with its Enterprise Management Architecture (EMA) approach to blending terminology, operations, and technology (TOT) is designed, and proven, to provide one single unified networked-knowledge-organization-system (NKOS) and a unifying operations management approach
GEM-EMA is for any person, group, organization, community, or combinations of these, that have needs to successfully, measurably, and continually achieve their intended results
GEM-EMA can directly enable achieving measurable success in your personal, group, community, organizational or combined endeavor's success.  It enables this success while building on and enhancing your previous efforts, approaches, and technologies.  Request Access to see the site content hierarchy
This site (accessible by request) presents simplified GEM-EMA guidance and sample GEM-EMA applications, and enables comment and discussion on GEM and its EMA TOT approach. 

  • GEM is the shared-use operational environment that can integrate all of your other diverse operations - enabling cooperation, coordination, collaboration, and community. 
  • GEM uses the collected and continuously refined knowledge provided by the EMA.
  • A shared terminology is needed before any communicaton can take place between two or more people, groups, etc.  Without a shared terminology, any messages are perceived as noise.
  • EMA uses a terminology-management approach to collecting, refining, and sharing knowledge and situational awareness.
  • Terminology Management is the first phase and foundation of the Roebuck Technical Communication Capabilities.
  • Use of GEM-EMA provides local, regional, national, and global capabilities to have securely and appropriately shared situational awareness, to enable whatever degree of cooperation is needed.
  • GEM-EMA is both a bottom-up and top-down TOT approach. Using the top-down GEM-EMA viewpoint, we support bottom-up:
    • content identification (e.g., documents, web sites, databases, content management systems, LDAP directories, email system),
    • content-store enrollment and access,
    • term extraction and grammatical categorization, term identification and definition, and model and data collection, aggregation, integration, normalization, and then unification. From this term, data, and then model unification we provide a mechanism for federated operations with a now-unified awareness. 
  • We provide guidance and support on using a single underlying consistent operations and management approach at all levels. So as you progress to the above cited aggregation phase, you'll begin to have an increasingly complete top-down views for analysis, simplification, re-use, cooperation, and investment opportunities, while the operational activities, and most decisions, will be from the bottom, escalating upward as the situation warrants. 

Our professional services are focused on building, with third-party partner companies, enterprise management services Practices for all organizations. 
We serve (through our approved service providers) as an "executive" enterprise architect or a "meta" architect that helps define and develop and unify enterprise architecture concepts, methodologies, metaschema, and supporting technology-specifications, that can leverage the less complete OMB FEA, DoDAF, and TOGAF as portions of the more complete "enterprise intelligence-base" provided by EMA. 
A good article that illustrates where I propose that GEM and EMA fit within the overall EA industry, as a "meta-architecture", is written by Mark Rosen for the Cutter Consortium (

GEM-EMA provides a "simplifying" method and structure (i.e., TOT) for organizing and managing the information of any endeavor.  Request acces to our GEM approach, to include EA methodology
GEM-EMA, then enables more and more-successful TOT "co-operation" and "adaptive transformation" across the various endeavors that use GEM-EMA approach.  If an endeavor doesn't yet use the GEM-EMA approach, by beginning to increasingly apply the GEM-EMA approach, they can increasingly gain appropriately-secured, and appropriately-shared situational awareness.  This then provides greatly improved abilities to cooperate with other GEM-EMA endeavors, and adaptively transform in relation to their internal and external environments' changes.
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